“The information you have given us is life-changing.”

Thank you for quitting [your old job] and taking the time to learn more deeply about healthy habits so you could share them with us!  I think I have been working towards this diet for 15 years and wouldn't have gotten it right until I was about 70!  The information you have given us is life-changing. 

I love all the recipes, (maybe 1 or 2 aren't my favorites) and it's been an easy diet not to cheat on. My body feels so nourished I don't crave anything!  I love to never make the same dinner twice, so this has been such a treat eating all new foods.  I think this is the hardest diet I have been on (considering the time I spend preparing food) and also the most rewarding. 

I'm hoping you will do this each time the seasons change so I can find out what I should be eating at those times of the year. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! You are making a big difference in our lives. 
- Nancy D

"I noticed fairly soon into the week that when I looked in the mirror, there was a new, youthful glow to my skin. Then I noticed how soft my hair felt. Bonus! I don’t own a scale, so not sure if I have lost any pounds or not, however my jeans seem to fit a bit less snuggly and the bloat is gone."

- Carmel

"I really enjoyed your program. I have taken the materials and placed them in a binder to keep with my cookbooks in the kitchen. I find myself referring to it all the time.... Love the recipes!!!

Prior to the program, I would experience headaches, digestive issues, "bad" cravings, restless sleep. It took me a few days, once I started the program, to truly feel more in balance. It was nice to wake up without a headache and feel well rested! 

I enjoyed the simplicity of the program. No pressures...I could take my time and read through the recipes...re-introduce whole foods that I truly love to eat and would benefit me.  I had worked exercise into my program and felt more energetic and much stronger! My overall performance was much better which is very rewarding !!

Thank you soo much!!!"
- Holly G.

“I don't think I've been this happy in a long time.”

Yes!  I participated and have really enjoyed it!!!    I have learned a great deal about myself from this program and have had great success with it. I don't think I've been this happy in a long time. Look forward to sharing my experience with you!  
 -  Jen M

Trying this program was one of the best things for me!"

Most of my life I have had stomach issues.  But it has been really bad for the last few years. Always feeling big, bloated, gassy, crampy and uncomfortable without knowing why.  No matter what I ate, just never seemed to be the right mixture for my stomach.  I love to cook and make big meals but I never knew when it was going to make me feel like I wished I did not eat.  I have often thought that maybe I should try one of those detox/ cleanse programs, but when I started reading about some of them I thought NO WAY I will starve to death.   

Now after feeling so uncomfortable for so long I thought I have to do something, so I spoke with my doctor about a cleanse and I was told to be careful of what I might try.  During this time I saw a Facebook like about your 15-day program and I had to check it out.  I figured if I can eat while trying a program and it all be good foods, I might do fine with that and not starve in the meantime and figure out  why my stomach is big and bloated.

After many emails and conversations with Lori about my fears and worries, she made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. So I started the program!   The recipes are amazing! I was not hungry and felt very satisfied during the whole process. After the first week, I noticed that my stomach was down and I actually started feeling better. I even lost 7 pounds that first week and have kept it off.  The big belly bloat seemed to disappear and I started to get more energy.  I found myself reading labels more often. I never realized how many products contain Milk!   OH and healthy smoothies made with almond milk are awesome! And I can’t forget the homemade kale chips, they make a great snack. I find myself cooking and eating cleaner foods more and more. Trying this program was one of the best things for me!" - Karyn D.


Dear Lori – I am lovin these smoothies! I noticed an immediate difference in my overall "well-being" - energy and attitude improvement!" - Lynette


“Within a few days I noticed feeling lighter and had more mental focus. I never felt hungry or deprived. Everything we wanted and more.”

Getting my eating under control has been a goal for years. I was the healthy, thin, easygoing girl. I've never struggled with weight or food before. I didn't realize how much I had let food become my stress relief. So on a whim, I signed up for your program. But I committed mentally to it as well. I think the key is a person must already be ready and open to making changes, then commit. And everyone finds their own way and path to that. It was that simple. I signed up, I followed the program mostly to the word. I made a few modifications here and there. But I followed along and within a few days I noticed feeling lighter and had more mental focus. I never felt hungry or deprived. I enjoyed the new recipes. I very much enjoyed how simple healthy food can be to make. I needed the recipes and shopping lists. Without those I would not have succeeded. So the food detox for me, was very helpful. I have focus again. I needed that.

But that is only the beginning. I have to take it from here and stick with it and stay organized. Very easy when someone else is organizing for you. Now the test for me. Thank you for putting together a nice program to set someone on the right path. And mostly for keeping it simple. Simple is the best. The flavors and aromas and just how one or two spices change everything...so helpful. 

As far as other things about the program, I did lose 8 pounds. I was losing weight and feeling healthier. For me, the issue was food. So the approach I took was get one thing under control, worry about the meditation and other detox ideas for the next one. And next time I will try more of the methods to fully detox my mind, body and spirit. This time I met my goal of appreciating and cooking healthy food again and got out of my fog of bad food choices and indulging in sugars, fats and other things that lead nowhere but to more challenges."
-Holly S.