Hi, I'm Lori McDermott

I help women over 40 who are struggling to feel vital, connected, and confident.  My sisters who are bombarded with distractions, cravings, stressors, and fatigue more than space to self-nourish -- with me you will learn the daily thrive.

If you're like I was and living in day-to-day survival mode--dragging yourself out of bed; no idea what to eat or do to de-fog your brain, have energy beyond 2 o'clock, shed bloat, and wake up refreshed--you're my gal!  

Ready to develop food savvy to fuel your body AND brain?  How about a sustained, robust well-being?  Imagine a life where you don't catch every damn cold the kids bring home.  Imagine hot flashes, sleepless nights, mood swings a thing of the past.

Ready to simplify?  Gain more time as you get clear and organized.  

With me, you will learn to redesign your life to create space for YOU. 

Revv up your energy.  Boost immunity.  Slow aging.  Sleep like a baby. 

Unleash your GLOW, as you flatten fear, build confidence, and experience your best you!

Ready for a delicious adventure of discovery?   



Need suggestions on which program to start first?  Contact me.

โ€œI accomplished cutting out 99% of the fake sugars in my diet, taking vitamins regularly, trying to live more in the moment and, most importantly, being kinder to myself. Lori brings out what is already in you in a compassionate, professional and healthy way.โ€ ~ Amy D.